A few new stocks under our radar

After a months of scrutinies and studies.  We put a few more companies under our radar.  We like their results, growth potential and industry.


We did not change any position and our view on worldwide macro economic.  We also sticking on our perception
on local front.

A hold after MNRB quarterly losses

Like we have previous commented that if MNRB is not able to hedge well against its claims.  We would like to call for a hold at the moment.  We still like the counter as it is highly undervalued.  We will not adding MNRB for the moment until next quarter again.  Unless price is so attractive that prompted us to buy further.

We sold Analabs on strong gains

After years we have identified Analabs as an undervalued stocks.  It has not been active or performing until recently.  Profit wise remained choppy but reviewed it’s assets. 

However we started our selling on this counter a month ago while market at depressed price.  We switched to others that can recover faster.  We managed to hold on half of our holding until recently.  We sold it gradually for CIMB.  At RM 2.50 above already hit our target.  Without new corporate development or better result. We will exit the counter if price moving upward further.

I do like to listen to music of the market

Sometimes there is a rhythm of music in the market.  After analysis and experience to assist you judging the market.  I do like to listen to the music of the market.  It can tell you something not from both fundamental and technical.  Anything on earth has a rhythm of frequencies. 

Oil and RM will strengthen in next 6 to 12 months

We repeatedly expressed our forecast that oil and RM will improve further in next 6 to 12 months.  We think oil will be above USD 60 per barrel and RM exchange rate of to USD below RM 3.80.

KLCI will retest 1750 – 1800 level with bluechips and midcap stocks leading the way.  We may be wrong but with calculated risk  investment on bluechips. The probability to have a good ROI is higher. 

We sold Analabs for CIMB

The reason sudden price risen prompted us to continue selling Analabs at RM 2.32.  We have switched to CIMB at RM 4.55

Recent price risen may due to share buy back without any new consistent earnings for a long time. Even with reviewed assets at RM 3 above.

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