We continue to buy Call Warrants in anticipation of better market condition

We continue to buy Call Waanrants as we believe the market of slowly recover in months to come.  Slightly speculative in nature but we are not over investing into it. 

Most bluechip Call Warrants that we believe the price is potentially recoverable at its strike price. Also 6 months ahead of expiry. 

Purely speculation and we may cut loss if market condition does not favour our view. 

We bought CIMB-C7, PBBANK-C4 and Aeon-CE today.

Vaping needs to be regulated and taxed. No complication at all

We can put aside whether to ban or not.  But Vaping definitely needs to be regulated. Just to ensure quality of vendors. Because it is inhale into a human body.

Do we need to impose tax on it?   Of course because you can live without it then is a luxurious item.  Even many drugs and supplements are subject to tax.  Also, the government needs administration cost to regulate this new lifestyle.

Be it a lifestyle or medical equipment.  A tax is definitely appropriate on vaping. Isn’t it a new stream of income that government can collect for the national development?

We are positive towards Q1 2016

Recovering oil price follow by Ringgit.  FED increases rate with less speculation on dollar.  Easing on China to spur internal growth.  Expecting even more reinvestment due to weak Ringgit.  Valuecap expected to kick start between Dec 15 to Jun 16.  I am not 100% confident but likely 80% strong chance to have a good quarter in 2016.  We suggest buy on dip for major bluechips and grow stocks.

Socialism, Capitalism and Communism

Politicians like Communism, investors like Capitalism and People like Socialism. 

You need to deal with politicians when you invest in a communism country.  You need to deal with a lot of investment bankers when you invest in capitalism country.  You need to deal with a lot of people when you invest in a socialism country.

The character of living lifestyle vary from sharing resources, materialism and quality of life oriented. 

MRCB and MKLand have short term strength

We think if you want to have a short excitement in your trading life. Both MKLand and MRCB may have short term strength. MRCB may can reach 1.60 and MKLAND 0.50 as short term target. Mainly government projects and increased trading volumes for both counters.

We sold Gadang and exited UZMA for MNRB and CIMB-C7

We sold our holding on Gadang above RM 1.80 and UZMA at RM 2.24.  We totally existed UZMA and transform our holding to MNRB with some percentage to CIMB-C7.  We like this 2 targets so much until we would like to takeover the company if we have the capital.

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