We bought KSL and Alaqar in distress price

As expected the world markets bleed on several issues.  But we start to nibbling mildly on Alaqar at RM 1.31 and KSL at 1.71.  We believe the market will be soft for the whole week and we will gradually bargain hunt any fundamental sound stocks at distressed price.

China cut rates due to stock tumbled?

I think just timing as the government of China has been easing it’s policy to support growth.  After the recent run up and sold down in record last week.  We believe the short term sentiment will be worrying across the market.  Although we also do believe China market will be a great long term destination.  We have sold a large position weeks ago and we will buy in back if we see value I’m the market.

We started to monitor Lenovo group 聯想集團

As we believe the growth of China market will be continued fiercely. Potential China government may limit and grow its domestic market. Purchases of governmental computers and servers will continue to drive Lenovo growth. That’s exclude its market share development in the international arena. We like it if the price is between PE 15 – 16 times in 2015.

KLCI will trace Greece development, RM strength and HSI

We believe as there are no catalyst in the local front.  KLCI will trace Greece development.  We believe markets already factored in Greece development.   However a sudden impact may emerge as opportunity. 

RM continue weakening may spark further sell off.  But we still think RM is undervalued due to reasons.  Finally HSI will also give clue on KLCI heading directions.

We continue to monitor MNRB, EIG and Affin.  We will buy into the market if there is weakness. 

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