Alaqar – best thing to buy in current market

Looking for consistent yield?  Stable in term of company financial background?  Survive through inflation, deflation or stagnation market?   Also capital gain if money becomes smaller?

Alaqar REIT – with currency price of 1.31 to 1.35.  We love it very much!

MBSB potential right issue for M&A – Neutral to slightly negative

Lots of ambitious and lots of target to achieve.   However, we are against a quick capital call just for M&A purpose.  M&A is not the only answer to grow.  It will a risky game depending on your partner and common vision.  CIMB is an example which eventually does not benefited too much from all M&A except capital keep growing.

We will slow down our buying of MBSB until their plan come with more details. Especially in this current local and global financial sentiment. This may not be a good idea for M&A.

Kawan upgraded by CIMB and with news venturing into instant food market

CIMB upgraded Kawan to RM 3.65 with reason as good proxy for investor in food industry.  Another news that it’s management is considering plan to venture into intant food market which has a huge potential.

Both news drive it’s share further to RM 2.60.  We think the volume is not just retail market player but a beutiful plan exercise.  We will still hold on to our target of RM 3.00 but we have disposed 50% of our holding on warrant.  We will continue to dispose warrant when price moving upwards.  We will exchange it to our top 5 + 1 top list of 2nd quarter of 2015.

KAWAN high volume persisted buying sparks ideas

Last few days we found Kawan has exceptional trading volumes that not seen in years. Together with major share holders disposed some stocks early in May. Sparking ideas of right issue, bonus issue, General offer or even a strong fund buy into the counter.

However, we still hold its Kawan mother share as we believe the price of the share worth more than RM 2.50 excluding the new plant contribution in 2016. Beyond that may worth RM 3.00 and above. However, we disposed some warrants at RM 1.40. We will continue to dispose warrant but hold on to its mother share.

Our target of Kawan remained with RM 2.50 before year end and RM 3.00 beyond.

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