Affin, CIMB and UMW inline with our top picks

Affin 8.82 cents EPS reaffirm our mild buying call.  A fair value of 10 times PE easily above RM 3.00 

CIMB consistent recovery earn a spot in our top picks.  Buy below RM 5.00 and hold from here.

UMW defended well when it announced a different approach for restructuring. We will consider buy on every dip.  

We start to monitor Petronm and will add in YSPSAH

Petronm quartrrly EPS of RM 0.41 cents with improvr crude oil price outlook will be the main reason why we are targeting oil and gas counter.  We will start to mildly hold Petronm.

On the other hand, above 8 cents EPS per quarter for YSPSAH is a satisfactory result.  We will continue to buy the counter as a mid to long term investment.

MBSB declared 3 cents dividend

With 4th Quarter higher Gross profit and net profit of RM 45 millions after impairment. We think is a good result except revenue stagnant needs to be improved.

A 3 cents dividend will be a good return to its share holder. Impairment will end in end of 2017. In this case we will still have great opportunity to add on this stock as long as still under RM 1.20

Market sentiment improving gradually

I am satisfy and happy because more people I have talked to point to a better business in their respective industry.  Not a V shape recovery but everything better than before CNY since then.  I think is a good sign and I have further bought MBSB at RM 1.16 and KIPREITS at RM 985

Paramount strong Q4 7.15 cents EPS earns our buy call

Paramount delivered a strong result from property division especially this soft economy situation. We suggest an upgrade to a buy call. However as risk remained for property related companies. We think adding mildly is our strategy compare to continuous buying our top picks.

Dow passes 20,100 solidly, something must be wrong? 

While everyone is forecasting a deep correction that will spark by Trump winning of presidency has gone seriously wrong. Personally I also not too convince the reasons pushed Dow above 20,000. But that’s the fact and I won’t fight the market.  Will Dow Jones rises Beyond 21,000?  I am kind of believe the market is stronger than we think.  From 1987 to 2000, 2009 and Dow Jones only keep moving up. Compares to Nikkei, HSI and other developed markets. Nothing is comparable and I believe is the hedging of its super huge Corporation that lead in almost all sectors of business globally.

Your investment strategy reflect your character

Just sit down and relax. See your trading or investment history from the past 1 to 2 years. From my experience, it is the best approach to know a person character.  

Those who consistent winning in their portfolio. They behaved like entrepreneurs. Learn, improve and review.  Those who keep making the same mistake repeatedly. Will probably make the same mistake repeatedly.

Your investment strategy is just a mirror to reflect your own character. You may can possibly learn who you are with just a short review to your trading or investment pattern.

Is there anytime as right timing to buy?  Especially now? Feb 2017

If even Warren Buffett may not be a good timer. Nor Jim Roger or even Soros.  Leave a side all those so called investment Gurus in your region. There is no nuclear Formula but just understand basic value of a “thing”.  Be it a stock, Commodities, bond or currencies. There is a price for all these items.

Just buy anything with value.  Negotiate when you buy. Sell when it is overvalued. That’s is it!!  But is now a good time to buy in Feb 2017?   I will buy CIMB when it is below RM 5 but not Public Bank above RM 20.  You can buy DBS group when it is at SGD 14 and not above SGD 20.  

If you look at Dow Jones Chart then you know all theories are bullshit. All things’ prices will be up and down.  When BOA at USD 10 no way dare to buy more. In merely 12 to 24 months the price doubled. Steve Hawkins possibly right. That’s The universe is forever expanding.  Same to Economy on Earth. Don’t be a good timer but be a good valuer.  Speculators will always tell you how much they made but never tell you how much they loss. 

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