Is there anytime as right timing to buy?  Especially now? Feb 2017

If even Warren Buffett may not be a good timer. Nor Jim Roger or even Soros.  Leave a side all those so called investment Gurus in your region. There is no nuclear Formula but just understand basic value of a “thing”.  Be it a stock, Commodities, bond or currencies. There is a price for all these items.

Just buy anything with value.  Negotiate when you buy. Sell when it is overvalued. That’s is it!!  But is now a good time to buy in Feb 2017?   I will buy CIMB when it is below RM 5 but not Public Bank above RM 20.  You can buy DBS group when it is at SGD 14 and not above SGD 20.  

If you look at Dow Jones Chart then you know all theories are bullshit. All things’ prices will be up and down.  When BOA at USD 10 no way dare to buy more. In merely 12 to 24 months the price doubled. Steve Hawkins possibly right. That’s The universe is forever expanding.  Same to Economy on Earth. Don’t be a good timer but be a good valuer.  Speculators will always tell you how much they made but never tell you how much they loss. 

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