Malaysia – a time you need to generate local demand

Once popular phase, you help me, I help you. Perhaps now is the best time to ask ourselves. If you can source something local, why not buy local? No matter, service, life after MCO of tourism, everything local. As Covid 19 may end in April but the confidence level and world border may not open until then.

Hire local instead hire overseas. E.g. IT professional, Accountants, automate instead rely on foreign workers. A critical point we need to change our mindset to every must help our own self.

Stay safe and don’t panic. Keep a distance, wash hand frequently, sanitize your hand when out door, keep a distance 1.5 M to nearest person. Probably the best way to stop the virus l.

Ok, let’s make 1 month go. It still isn’t that bad

If, and only if the whole world shut down 1 month. Together but government just folk out the food and rent for 1 month. It will not be isn’t that bad. Compare to one by one closing thats bad.

But I still have full confident this is not end of the world. A strong recovery should come in 2nd half.

We continue mild nibbling

How long it will last and how bad? Again, none knows. But does it got values in the market. Yes plenty. We are buying slowly. But very slow.

We like Bursa, CIMB, MBSB, Maybank, Gadang, Jaks, Cypark, UZMA, Ecoworld

Covid 19 is a product of climate change?

Honestly, I have missed this one as I would expect the problem should be contained in China by end March. But indeed the entire situation goes beyond imagination.

I am expecting a sudden crisis for years but relating to climate change. It has been many instance but not the devastating extend as Covid 19. Although it is linked to Coronavirus but human still have minimum information about this virus.

From another angle, perhaps it can be a stress test for the human system. Mean time, can it be also linked to climate changed that we only experience such a high frequency of viruses in the last few years.

I am glad I am endorsing Dividend yield and fundamental sounded companies. Though I missed this forecast and our portfolio is easily wiped out by 30 to 40%. But our portfolio contains mostly Dividend yield stocks. We believe cashflow model may give is chances to slowly accumulate.

We have also reduced our debt in short to mid term drastically in the past two years. Thus, our strategy is now changing to buy upon dividend release by our cashflow model. Mean time lowering debt ratio continuously.

In mankind history, there is never one virus to wipe us away. I think there is only 2 scenarios, recover or we will be completely disappeared. Being rational to this thought. We also dont have a choice but just invest modestly across time.

God bless all and I think we should be able to win over Covid 19 as United mankind in history.

We think the market is seriously overreacted

We have been buying since 2 weeks ago gradually but we found panic selling has been persists. We are amazed be it a quarter of activities are gone. The max of any stock price can only be 25% from before the case happened.

With the current value, it is really one of the best timing to buy stocks. But I don’t know when it will stop bleeding. So that best is still buying gradually. But please keep accumulate.

Unexpected reactions triggered and too slow to exit. We hold and buy

It is something out of my expectation and now policy of investing low kick in. We did not forsee it can go up to the level of close to 30% correction of Dow Jones in less than 2 weeks. We believe the bear is completely formed.

Being said so, we will activate fully our cash flow model to start buying in for long term.

We will also consider to switch some Reits back to stocks. Esepcllaiy those have strong balance shit.

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