Covid 19 is a product of climate change?

Honestly, I have missed this one as I would expect the problem should be contained in China by end March. But indeed the entire situation goes beyond imagination.

I am expecting a sudden crisis for years but relating to climate change. It has been many instance but not the devastating extend as Covid 19. Although it is linked to Coronavirus but human still have minimum information about this virus.

From another angle, perhaps it can be a stress test for the human system. Mean time, can it be also linked to climate changed that we only experience such a high frequency of viruses in the last few years.

I am glad I am endorsing Dividend yield and fundamental sounded companies. Though I missed this forecast and our portfolio is easily wiped out by 30 to 40%. But our portfolio contains mostly Dividend yield stocks. We believe cashflow model may give is chances to slowly accumulate.

We have also reduced our debt in short to mid term drastically in the past two years. Thus, our strategy is now changing to buy upon dividend release by our cashflow model. Mean time lowering debt ratio continuously.

In mankind history, there is never one virus to wipe us away. I think there is only 2 scenarios, recover or we will be completely disappeared. Being rational to this thought. We also dont have a choice but just invest modestly across time.

God bless all and I think we should be able to win over Covid 19 as United mankind in history.

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