Malaysia Central bank started accept dollar deposit

As anticipated that BNM started to response to RM fall after budget.  Purely last year huge fall mainly due to deficit in oil price earnings.  Depreciated RM will help boost balance sheet.  If we were not wrong more moves coming this year to make sure RM boost back to below RM 4 against dollar.  Oil price will recover will further boost RM and KLSE in 2016.  We are very optimistic unless unforseen circumstances arise.

FED should just raise it!

Once and for all or cultivating worldwide speculation on dollar.  Is a waste of time to keep issuing comments but indecisive.  It is not helpful to the global economy at all.

Will you buy an IPhone when it’s price is like a mid end notebook?

Due to stronger dollar and Asian currency devaluation.  IPhone price continuous to increase up to near 30%.  Besides of US, China and Hong Kong where their currency increased as accordingly.  Do you think if this persist will this affect phone sales?  

Does dollar worth its current value when it is the biggest debt nation on Earth?  

We start to collect CIMB-C7 again

Due to correction in KLSE and also RM weaken after oil price back to USD 47 oer barrel. CIMB-C7 dropped back to RM 0.065.  We added midly and main our view either the whole world will enter into recession in 2016. Alternative the world will recover with a lot of easing again before a major crash comes in next few years.

We think Ringgit is going to strengthen after budget 2015

We don’t believe US interest rate increase can have such a big impact on emerging currency.  Even FED does it in months to come merely 25 basis points or most 50.  We don’t believe emerging markets are that off the financial track.  Currency devalued by 20 to 30% in 12 months time is severe.

We also do not believe is 1MDB although there is a potential credibility impact.  Be it RM 100 billions in debt that a figure Malaysia can absorb any given time.

Budget based on oil at USD 100 per barrel is the main problem.  After new budget announced we believe Ringgit will stabilise further.  Currency devaluation war will persist. 

Oil price will slowly recover back to USD 60 per barrel as OPEC target.   RM will stabilise and strengthen against other currencies in next 12 months.

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