After Muhiddin leaked video, authorities must act and we believe short term KLCI will have heavy pressures.

We see the market will be pressured to move downward towards with immediate support at 1660 – 1680. We are not sure who is right and wrong. But after this video leaked, either one of them are not genuine.

We foresee a potential snap election for the nation, UMNO snap poll or even more people who have strongly supporting a potential scandal will be dragged out. Be it Najib is the person as mentioned or a conspiracy to take him out of office. There is no way to turn back.

We suggest not to buy into any 1MDB or related companies during the down time. It is good opportunity but you got to pick those not involved in the show. We maintain our top picks and bargain hunting if there is value emerge.

Beside of praying God please safe Malaysia. I think everyone in every angles must toe their line to help the nation. We can go through it thin and thick but the truth must be revealed for a better nation.

In our point of view, the cash flow problem is already a valid reason for PM Najib to resign. No company will ask a CEO stay that make such situation unless you are the owner itself. 1MDB is an asset of Malaysia not individual.

Cabinet reshuffle? When 1MDB issue going to end?

When it will going to end?  Why can’t just issue the report and make public on all issues need to be addressed?  It is not days or weeks but months or even year.  We suggest PM Najib to appoint another Finance Minister as you are not going to have time for managing the finance of the nation. Just ad chairman of 1MDB as you found no time to monitor the operation at all!

Speculation activities to be increased

We believe if the current situation lack of lead but a good environment to promote speculation.   We expect more such activities in coming week.  The Edge suspension will also increase our confidence in this scenario due to less market monitor and intelligence.

Sell if any sudden price increase and exchange your RM with good valuation companies.   Besides, AUD and Gold are in good value now.

We will buy Gold mildly this week

We like whenever there is a bargain in the market.  In long run we believe in Gold will continue to be a reliable commodity.  In fact even as a better fund for opportunities if there is a financial disaster. 

We think the ban on The Edge is inappropriate

If understand the role of The Edge daily and weekly in past many years in Malaysia financial industry.  It’s dedication towards the growth of the industry and it’s current importance as local financial media.  The ban on The Edge is definitely inappropriate and a back step in the financial market.

If it is guilty in its actions against 1MDB issue.  We suggest to charge the writer or author of the article.  However, it is our stand that reporting an issue that finding truth in 1MDB scandal is not a crime.  As not even able to prove that its actions are illegal at the current stage.  We do not see any justification on this ban. 

It is a major step back in the financial industry in Malaysia perhaps worst in its history.

Gold down with Aussie Dollar in stress

As Gold price continue to correct to 5 years low due to strong dollar and less demand from China and India.  Aussie dollar facing pressures as Gold is one of the important mining income.  But we do like it as we like Gold and Aussie dollar in long term.  We will buy mildly from this downward trend.

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