We think market will up but on low gear

We see most markets will look into results to rally further after Greece, China problems stabilised.  However, a pretty uphill task that also need a lot of good corporate result to push up further.

In this market, we will stay quiet but buy if there is intermediate bargain stocks available. 

Google soaring 15% on satisfactory result

Google share price charging up 15% on good result announced after new CEO appointed with priotization on research projects.  We still like tech companies that will continue deliver stunning technology and profiting shareholders.  Climate, food processing, technology and Healthcare related will be our suggested 2016 segments.

A quiet week ahead of Hari Raya

We don’t see much activities and local market will be very quiet ahead of Hari Raya.  If there is bargain due to a sudden catalyst for down trend. We will buy stocks that we think has value.

HSI and A shares distressed triggered our major bargain hunting

We have triggered a major bargain hunting activity today.  We bought China Rail at HKD 5.70, Chadao at HKD 0.28, Lenova at HKD 8.95, Poly Energy at HKD 1.25, Emperor Capital at HKD 0.46, Bingo at HKD 0.18, Hopson at HKD 5.65, Ali Pictures at HKD 1.45, Regent Pacific at HKD 0.088.

We will buy again if the market distressing further in the coming days.  Of course gradually but a little more agressive.

Now what? China fear?

One month ago there is still nonsuch basis due to the market in China near peak.  Today, the market has dropped more than the level before the bull run.  Is there a drastic change in economy structure?

Perhaps many investors already prepare to leave the market.  Low interest initiated bull run given a great opportunity for them to exist the market.  When the bull burst, the sell off worsen due to chain reaction.

In mid to long term we still like China.  We started seen a lot of values in the market.  We have bought some stocks yesterday and we will continue to hunt for great value from now.

Greece voting will lead the markets

All eyes will be on Greece.  If the result is “no”.  We believe world markets will take excuse to sell off further.  However, a fair chance also with a result of “yes” which we expect market will rally worldwide.

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