Our beginners portfolio for a test!

If you are new to investment. Also not much capital but seek higher return in 2018. If you got 10K only of the capital. But below:

1. MBSB 3,000 – RM 1.18

2. MQREIT 2,000 – RM 1.08

3. KEN 2,000 – RM 0.91

4. KIPREIT 3,000 – RM 0.820

I believe you should have more min 5% yield by year end and strong chance of capital gain more than 20%. A total of ROI close to 30%.

Just try it.

Trump intensified trade war is no good

New tariff on steel signified intensified trade war. The may be certain impact if others follow. We don’t like trade war. I hope it is not the start of a serious trade war.

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