MREITs are in bargain now. It is a good time to build your Cash flow model

I have been investing every REITs since the first REIT listed. The recent price correction due to interest rate hike is nonsense. There are so called analyst again said if 50 basis points increase in interest rate. REIT will need to find back the same to maintain attractive yield. This must be the biggest joke as they simply assume all REITs are with 100% borrowing.

I am not in favour of shopping malls and general offices. But Alaqar that socialised in hospitals, MQREIT with governmental tenants, KIPREIT with focus in low to mid income retailers and AXREIT which focused into warehouse. YTLREIT focused into hotels and so on.

This is a best time to invest and if it is going down further. I will switch my ratio to REITS more than stocks for my additional investment strategy.

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