Windows dressing and QE4.1 lifted all markets

A strong closing this week on index linked equities worldwide is expected.  Together with FED QE4.1 announced (my personal tracking) plus more to come. We will have situation no matter economy good or bad next year, money is definitely smaller. 

We insist to asset related investment and expecting another few days of activities before coming to last peaceful week of the year.

麗新發展 reached HKD 0.300 – still a hold

It has rcoketed to 200% gain from its right issues at HKD 0.105. We still recommend a hold as it is highly undervalue with NTAV of HKD 0.800. We continue to like undervalue search across the globe and make investment back to basis to buy cheap.

AscendasHT – We likes it portfolio with yield more than 7%

We always like Australia because we believe the growth potential of asset in the country is still very potential. AscendasHT has almost 80% properties in Australia with 2 in China and 1 in Japan. We always like diversified REIT as it will give a better spread across the global economy. However, with 80% portfolio in one of our favaourite economy. We will start to accumulate more AscendasHT.

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