Tomei – Higher revenue and widened loss

With RM 256 Mil turnover and a net loss of RM 7 millions plus put us start to monitor once we believe a well managed company. NTA at RM 1.34 with increased in revenue still a good sign to us. But we will monitor its performance as how it cannot withstand the fluctuation of Gold price.

Fed policy meeting scare crashed market? You must be joking!

Because Fed policy meeting and direction scare crashed market?  Thats why i will say if you listen to these so call analyst. You will never make money yet cannot sleep well.

1. How could sentiment changed drastically in a month time?

2. Isnt it all factored Fed?

3. Is a good stock only depending on Fed policy?

You must be kidding and we bought Multico RM 1.780 and Kawan RM 1.03

My bet is short to mid term funds moving in and out making excuses.  That is why I always suggest do not time the market.  Buy when you know the business is right and undervalued.

We sold Half of our OCK holdings at RM 0.720

Improve result and private placement give strength to its stocks price. However, we find PE of 15 times above and in such a short period has given us a capital gain of 50% plus interest yield from our entrance price of RM 0.480 is consider a rapid result. So we unloaded half of our holdings and switched to Multico, AAX and Kawan.

Lacklustre weeks ahead but focus into result

We believe most of the markets especially KLCI will be non action at all. Slightly trading lower due to regional weakness and continuous weaken in RM.

However, individual stocks will shine if good result is to be announced. We continue to like Kawan, Multico and AAX. We will continue to buy in if weakness prevail in the market.

Our strategy continue to be defensive and stay invested. Buying undervalue stocks and MREITs that adjusted its price recently, reducing debt ratio, adding weight to foreign stocks and assets.

KHIND reported RM 6.43 Mil profit in Q2

A surprise result for us even we like KHIND always due to its undervalue and brand strategy in overseas.

We continue recommend a hold as our target for KHIND is above RM 2.50 at all time. Due to its small share issued will limit fund investment.

However, they need to stable their profit monthly in order to get higher attention.

So far I personally bought KHIND fan before and it lasted long for me.

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