Fed policy meeting scare crashed market? You must be joking!

Because Fed policy meeting and direction scare crashed market?  Thats why i will say if you listen to these so call analyst. You will never make money yet cannot sleep well.

1. How could sentiment changed drastically in a month time?

2. Isnt it all factored Fed?

3. Is a good stock only depending on Fed policy?

You must be kidding and we bought Multico RM 1.780 and Kawan RM 1.03

My bet is short to mid term funds moving in and out making excuses.  That is why I always suggest do not time the market.  Buy when you know the business is right and undervalued.

2 thoughts on “Fed policy meeting scare crashed market? You must be joking!

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  1. Bro, since you are keeping to buying Multico, what about an another car related stock, MBMR ? Recent weaken Yen should benefit MBMR…

    1. Hi David,

      Multicode is slightly different from MBMR. Both are in the same industry. Multicode is smallcap and MBMR is midcap. Multicode still very much focused into parts and accessories wheares MBMR is a bit more diversified. Both are quality stocks. The reason I pick Multico is because of its EPS trading valuation is much below 10 times and its NTA. Excluding the recent new accounting rules that they practised included some other incomes. If Proton contract contribute slight increase in annual EPS to RM 0.30. A 10 times PE should value the Multico at RM 3.00 at least. Both Cos have their uniqueness and different market segment focus. At this scenario I just pick a potential better winner. Happy Trading and appreciate your suggestion.

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