KLCI rocketed above 1800 together with RM at 3.16 vs USD

In an ironically development just a week of different sentiment. ASEAN from fear of hot fund pulling out against FED decision to continuous its QEs strategy caused one of the biggest fluctuation in the local market.

That shown how volatile is the current market. With no fundamental change as of now, we believe both KLCI and RM have done well but may face profit taking and bias to lower this week.

We bought some USD at 3.16 level against RM. We will buy more USD and Aussie if RM stronger. We may also start explore into RMB. We cannot border much in this highly volatile markets so we just buy when sentiment low and we will sellout when sentiment too high.

Fed to continue monthly bond buying at USD 85 Bil

That’s means a month ago all hot funds leaving ASEAN created false alarm. But should we worry again next time round? Perhaps just forget it as whether Fed to stop or continue QEs…. We are already in a tremendous trouble of money printed everywhere. We will buy a bit more Gold for this reason.

Is money a tool for freedom in today society?

Majority people walking around us. I am having a guess of probably 99% of all people. To a certain degree being held hostage due to personal finance. From daily necessity to luxurious items. Almost there is never an end. Thus, many will probably agreed that money controlled us. But until when and what number that you will probably think is enough? Try ask people that around you and able to share with you. You will probably get many different answers. Perhaps, going back to basis that if you can just live with it, any financial status… that’s may be the only time you will got freedom in life.

We have started holding SoilbuildBizREIT at SGD 0.720

With IPO of SGD 0.800 and now at SGD 0.720. SoilbuildBizREIT will give a yield approximately 8% above. We continue to start holding more S-REITs as the current yield is more favourable than M-REITs. Beside, the scale of economy is more easy to provide higher yield in Singapore, Jakarta, Australia, Japan than Kuala Lumpur at the moment.

How much does Gpacket worth if P1 is to be sold off?

Personally, it depends on the supply chain of how fast should the deal going through. Time is not on the upper hand to GPacket as beside of infrastructure setup as advantage. The business proposition may not look good as LTE is continuous become a new standard.

Eventhough the tower deployed can also be upgraded but there will be a cost and LTE license is nothing special to all Telcos anymore. WIMAX does has a strength but the standard of the industry is trending to LTE.

I am not sure how much P1 will be sold but from the newspapers and so on. Understanding is between the range of RM 1.5 – RM 2 Billions. However, Gpacket only owe P1 61%. This not include if there is any debt restructuring or loan needed to be repayed. Roughly forecat around net of RM 800 Millions to be pocked back to Gpacket. Thus, plus the NTA of Gpacket of RM 0.170. There may be still many accounting not on the table. Roughly at the range of RM 60 to 80 cents will be at the safe side.

But that also depending on how much Gpacket will return back to share holder or they will venture into other business in the future. But time is the crucial factor over here.

Apple unveils Iphone 5S and 5C – Little below expectation

I am an Iphone fan that currently using Iphone 5 and a Samsung Active S4 phone. Personally i like Iphone interface and responsiveness. However, Android is packed with functions. Beside, the key issue for myself is the screen size that i may not need a huge 5″ and above smartphone. But i do need a bigger Iphone perhaps at 4.5″ but still good for my palm to hold it.

Announced with A7 64 bits and M7 motions chip. Together with a finger print reader at the same home button are potentially the key of the most important differentiation. Improvement in camera and new IOS 7 to be released soon.

However, we still think it is a little below expectation especially comparing to Samsung and Sony for their innovation and line of products that can suit many different categories of users. Personally, i will not upgrade my 5 to 5S as i dont see a big improvement. That may cause Apple a bit on sales. Perhaps Apple knows it and trying to include 5C as game changer for volume market. We shall see but we are not optimistic.

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