How much does Gpacket worth if P1 is to be sold off?

Personally, it depends on the supply chain of how fast should the deal going through. Time is not on the upper hand to GPacket as beside of infrastructure setup as advantage. The business proposition may not look good as LTE is continuous become a new standard.

Eventhough the tower deployed can also be upgraded but there will be a cost and LTE license is nothing special to all Telcos anymore. WIMAX does has a strength but the standard of the industry is trending to LTE.

I am not sure how much P1 will be sold but from the newspapers and so on. Understanding is between the range of RM 1.5 – RM 2 Billions. However, Gpacket only owe P1 61%. This not include if there is any debt restructuring or loan needed to be repayed. Roughly forecat around net of RM 800 Millions to be pocked back to Gpacket. Thus, plus the NTA of Gpacket of RM 0.170. There may be still many accounting not on the table. Roughly at the range of RM 60 to 80 cents will be at the safe side.

But that also depending on how much Gpacket will return back to share holder or they will venture into other business in the future. But time is the crucial factor over here.

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