Either we stop tie with US or take actions on 1MDB related people. Nothing in between

I am not in a position to take site.  But logically I advise all fellow Malaysians and politician. Especially those in Barisan National.   There is nothing in between after DOJ report. Either we protest to stop tie with US or we take actions against those involved.

Don’t go in between to find legal avoidance. It is crystal clear that 1MDB name was mentioned. Also the Malaysia official no 1.  If we don’t believe of the report. Then please protest it. If we believe in the report then please take swift action.

Malaysia is a country of its own. If US, Singapore and Switzerland are having these allegations to us.  What are we doing to hide in our own world when we do not dare to confront them. End of the day pretend nothing happened and protecting those involved.

We have to take site and do the right thing. It is the duty of all Malaysian.  For this instance, A is A and B is B. There is nothing in between A+B

DOJ latest findings are shocking

We have always maintain our view that everyone on 1MDB board and management need to accountable even as basic problem like cash flow.

However new DOJ released allegation is shocking. If it is true that fund raised from bond were use for personal purpose. 

Reducing cash and buy into MREITS

Like we mentioned previously. MREITS are going to benefit too from the KL-SG high speed rail project.  As the value of the properties across these areas will.be boosted as a new economy zone.  Instead of parking money into FD, MREITS will now start to show even better capital grow prospect with yield still higher then FD of 2.75%.

As of current market price and portfolios. We like MQREIT and ARREIT as we believe both will be benefited yet within a good yield range compare to others as of now.

KL-SINGAPORE High-speed rail will ensure long term economy growth with huge economy zone to be created

It is a positive move long overdue by both Malaysia and Singapore government.  90 minutes for point to point will make a huge economy zone for both countries.  Probably there is no choice but a counter agenda for That Canal or Kra canal.  However, both things I believe is good to benefit South East Asia and further given a boost to ASEAN.   

We will not stop investing in this region as we believe it is going to be the largest market of the world.  ASEAN plus one is exactly the concept to counter EU and North America. From construction to property companies,  from materials to banking and so on.  Even MREITs and SGREITs may enjoy huge capital growth due to new valuation after this project announced in long run.

MBSB current price yield higher than MREITs

Fund raised from the right issue will be capital for its loan. Beside, also investing into assets. Thus, when adjustment of NPL regularised. Based on a low side of dividend between 3 to 5 cents. The yield is actually better than some MREITS. If dividend is to be raised back to 5 cents to 10 cents. We have a yield of 10% or more.  

Opportunity does not strike so many times. We decided to continuous nibbling on it. We bought today again at RM 765

If MREITS are to allow developing own portfolio

We cannot understand the reason of SC to propose such move. Yes, you may got certain REITS able to grow nothing different from a property company. However, risk will increase as any development will carry risk. It will defeat the purpose as fixed income instrument.  If it is the intention of MREITS’ manager. SC should ask them to join a property development company instead.

We added MBSB, MQREIT and OCB

We continue to mildly accumulated MBSB at RM 0.76. Before BNM announced rate cut, we also managed to add more MQREIT.  As MQREIT Sentral portfolio is very strategic.  Lastly OCB as price dropped to show value for us.  However we just added mildly as there is still a catalyst needed for its price to spike.

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