Either we stop tie with US or take actions on 1MDB related people. Nothing in between

I am not in a position to take site.  But logically I advise all fellow Malaysians and politician. Especially those in Barisan National.   There is nothing in between after DOJ report. Either we protest to stop tie with US or we take actions against those involved.

Don’t go in between to find legal avoidance. It is crystal clear that 1MDB name was mentioned. Also the Malaysia official no 1.  If we don’t believe of the report. Then please protest it. If we believe in the report then please take swift action.

Malaysia is a country of its own. If US, Singapore and Switzerland are having these allegations to us.  What are we doing to hide in our own world when we do not dare to confront them. End of the day pretend nothing happened and protecting those involved.

We have to take site and do the right thing. It is the duty of all Malaysian.  For this instance, A is A and B is B. There is nothing in between A+B

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