Unrest in London, virtually every corner of the world – Result of irresponsible capitalism

It is not just UK, in fact China, MiddleEast, and more to come. Simply It is a result of irresponsible capitalism.

Think about it, the youth that come to this world, with no hope and potentially not even getting enough works just for daily life. Not to mention about property prices rising till untouchable area. Thanks to the governments and developers.

Think about medicals fees are esculating, education fees and so on.

I always believe, there is a bottom line, even I believe in capitalism but within the system there is a thin line for arguement.

E.g. Credit card co worldwide until todate, do not tell me that they don’t understand east credit will ruins the youth. But because of result, the management team, the banks and the government all chosen to skip high potential of side effect due to their campaign.

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