Is Asto IPO worth to apply? Even it is a joke but need not think twice

Why i will say it is a joke. Because years back when a GO offered to entity that own Astro. It was highly undervalued before the GO announcement. After the restructuring, now Astro purely Astro with a smaller entity. Relisting easily command a PE of more than 10 times. So if you ask me, does it worth well to apply. My answer is “Need not think twice”. Because people behind it are so good in turning more money to even more. I bet they are many people benefit in this kind of exercise. But who care, thats Capitalism world even i dont really agree. Another typical example of the rich get richer. Just think of the so called institutional investors. Look at IHH that some even exist in the first few days of trading. It is a joke, but need not think twice.

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