Three (3) things If you do – I vote for you

1) Balance of budget – I am not interested how much free thing anyone promise to offer nor lowering tax. As these are all basis result of a good country. Also, deficit budget known by majority is promoting growth. But in this QEs era. I want a government that can balance the budget but still able to help people from all classes.

2) Use Professional – There is a saying that an idiot is worst then corruption that still deliver. Even though I do not like corruption. But looking into many of our problems today like social imbalance, quality of education, crime rate, social problems involved foreign workers, financial and so on. All are interrelated from not using a professional minister but by appointing base on party and vote.

You can still pay all of these party people well. When it comes to managing the department, you need a PRO. If there is really no PRO, you got to figure out who has experience before you put any member of the party become a minister.

E.g. Does crime rate actually lowered due to more police on the street? Or should we look at the root cause of the problem for people who commit crime?

Most Countries I have visited have good tourist information counters. I seldom see one in Malaysia.

Can our police summons given discount again and again?

Can we have a point deduction traffic license policy?

Can we reserve jobs for the local before getting foreign workers, if already cannot fill with local workers, any point to create another 3 Mils jobs where the private sectors also will do the same?

Easily the list can be long……

3) Truth behind racial issues, Malaysia got no issue except you keep mentioning it.

Does Chinese or Indian race really don’t agree to certain rights of Malay? Does all three races really not well?

I have got many Malay and Indian friends. We always respect each other and understand the rules of survival together. Special rights are to help the Malay especially the poor is ok for everyone of us. Except when the Elites abused it.

How many times I need to be hurt with the game plan of “Divide and rule” by conservative Groups. I am a Malaysian Chinese that contribute to this country and I need to hear stuff like “Go Home”. Isn’t it Malaysia is my home?

The result of race base politics in last few years really sadden me and damaged my support for the existing government.

Malaysia is not just for Malay, also not just for Chinese and Indian. It is for iban, Portugis, Kadazan and even Filipino and Thai moved to West Malaysia and Sabah. Even more….

So my vote is simple to be earned. If you try to solve these three.

PS: Any side who can propose an ambulance reach in 30 mins is a bonus

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