We support “Ini Kali la!”.

Firstly,  if anyone win we will give our full support to the winning party as it is part of democracy practise.  I also appreciate BN long term service and contribution to the country.  Personally i do think Najib has done improvement to the country.  However, that is not enough and a change in government may provoke thinking further on many issues that we still facing today.  Most issues that we are facing is not monetary but for myself, the list is too long and i will just focus top 3.

1.  Culture & Values – Many refer culture as religion and practises.  But that is not just only that  because the most important definition of culture – it is the software of the mind of every human.   Truth & Conscience embedded in our cultures and values are seriously disturbed.   Everyday when I reading news, i cannot believe that a simple issue is twisted to become complicated issue. Covering economy, justice, social, plans, systems & so on.

2.  Life matters – where main street crime rate stastitics are denied. Health care is not in priority and many miles after economy growth. In any country, lets forget the spiritual living of life. But only with strong and healthy citizens will only bring a more stronger fundamental to develop a sustain growth of econony.  But i support spiritually livings.

3.  Educations – With a population of 28 millions.  Our resources and reserves should have enough to build all universities for our next generation fir free.  Any country that intend to have strong growth needs knowledge workers. Without knowledge workers, we will have tight resource issur to limit grow and only able to continuous work at a low level economy that require less skills requirements.

The list easily can go on as i always mentioned as our root causes i believe mainly from serious problem in cultures and practices.

Probably at least one time, for all people to think about issues that we are facing at main street.  I openly support “Ini Kali la!”.

But no matter which party win, i am sure all Malaysians love this peace of land and everyone is findings ways to improve the country.

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