US seen partial shutdown possible!? It should happen long time ago

Probably another opportunity for politicians and traders making money as many have short the market already?!

US is not able to balance its budget since the debt ceiling issue started years ago. It will be continue for years to come. Fundamentally, US should be bankrupt long time ago. But due to the impact if really so, the whole world will be in serious chaos.

So everyone know what will happen and continue to make sure it will not happen. Again the scenarios are 1) it is not going to happen so not to worry. 2) it is going to be a long term shut down, whole world is into trouble so there is no worry also as everyone facing the same problem.

As long as you have got your debt ratio manage well. Bias your portfolio to asset oriented with gold as reserve. Any big problem will probably another big opportunity for you to leap frog. So for now, someone is going to make money from shorting the markets.

If you were to ask me, I will say please shut down everything even the odds say no.

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