The Auditor-General’s Report – “So what, everyone is doing it!”

It is not the first year. I do agree it is not easy to stop it. I also know the government is doing something. But don’t you think is too little for a big problem?

So what’s now? Malaysia already has this culture, face the reality.

1. Why someone can do it and can get away?
2. Why we need to pay tax as the money drained with silly reasons?
3. Why need to responsible to country as even many politicians spoken wrong facts do not need to apologize?
4. Why follow the rules and park your car properly when no one border?
5. Why I need to do it if no one is doing it?

The realty continue….

The culture is not just slowly cooking the already bad people but I believe now almost to every corner infected many good people as well.  No matter you are opposition or government. No matter you are Malay, Chinese or Indian or minority. No matter you are rich or poor. Don’t you think everyone needs to do a part to make things right?  When everyone should put down their own benchmark themselves.  Do the right thing, not what you think is right or wrong anymore.

In a financial blog like here. Even as 123 also knows it is going to be problem when resources run flat.  Back to basis, it is a choice that is always available.

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