How to leap frog your net worth? We have a perspective.

Jim Roger – Market is going to end badly, sometimes 2-3 years from 2013 but he does not know exact date.

Steve Hawkins – Universe is always inflating and it is quicker then ever. Finanicial market will be the same. You may deflate or stagflate a while. But eventually will pick up inflation again.

Warrant Buffet – Pick the right stock, with the right management and the right mindset. Sit back and see how it grows across time. My ultimate holding time is forever if the stock is good.

Our theory – Slash your debts, stayed invested with dividend yielded stocks, pick a bit of Gold. Wait for the market pull back. Then think again, everything will back to universal law of inflation. Dare to buy back when people are worry. Most important, pick a good stock that will survive the recovery.

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