I don’t see NAP announced competitive

Exercise tax and APs remained. CBU hybrid exemption discontinued with CKD extended till 2015.  Plan to be EV hub of Asean and hoping liberalisation will reduce car price by 20-30%.  EV definition on consumption where CO2 output to be announced later.

Possibly RM continuous weaken without BNM intervention may due to strategy to maintain low cost strategy as manufacturing in Malaysia.

I still believe in fuel consumption tax rather than vehicle tax that bring no help but unproductive loan to the people.

Drastically reduce exercise tax and no tax for hybrid and EV.  Plus introduce consumption tax on fuel is the key to both maintain or increase tax revenue, reduce car price for unwanted unproductive loan to people, create bigger car sales market,  therefore creating jobs and benefiting all people.  By then, luxury car with high CC will be taxed most due to usage.

Possibly a greener country too!

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