Will stock markets crash in 2014?

We believe the time will come due to excessive money printing to support recovery with prolonged low interest world wide.  But will it happen  in this year or next? 

We think not so fast.  As the easing monetary policy in US is slowing.  However in other part of the world like Japan and Europe are continuing.  We see the world bull market may extended beyond 2015 to 2016.

However, there may be potential act of God reason that may impact the market earlier than estimated.  We don’t know the degree but this will be two major risks together with above reason.  The climate change is not reversible and will become a major issue in years to come.

While investing hedging inflation. We also recommend asset oriented balanced income portfolio.  This we continuous recommend a gradual shift from equities percentage to REITS,  commodities and solid asset related investment.

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