Nazir engineering a perfect merger? – CIMB, RHBCAP, MBSB & OSK

Stock prices started active particular for MBSB and OSK in recent days. MBSB crossed RM 2.30 and OSK RM 2.00. Since Nazir Razak has been appointed as chairman of CIMB and director of Khazanah. The sudden suspension of three counters CIMB, RHBCAP & MBSB sparking an early unexpected M&A.

It can be potentially CIMB becomes the biggest umbrella to swallow RHBCAP and MBSB. At what price, in what manner and who will be in control will be in focus. We thought MBSB initially will drive towards a bank license before any M&A to take place. This will drastically increase its value back to EPF.

From the active trading of OSK, there can be a potential that OSK will be offered an exit price to this M&A. Alternatively, it can be also offered the final share after M&A.

We are holding RHBCAP, MBSB and OSK shares. We should be benefited if the perfect merger is really to take place. Of course, it can be nothing but we still continue to hold these counters due to its undervalue trading position in the market.

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