MAS – my view of next action plan post MH17 incident

After years of challenges to be profitable when the world aviation industry changed its landscape with low cost air lines emerged. MAS is now facing even a more tough uphill task after MH370. MAS still has its brand value after years of excellent services and awards. Problem is the challenges to be profitable.

Things already happened and there is no turning back. Personally, to pump more money into MAS looking for immediate turn back to black is highly challenging. Be it the confidence is still with MAS from its customers. The impact and resources to be included for both MH370 and MH17 are going to be huge and possibly prolonged.

We believe the best option for the moment is to immediately downsize. Reducing the size but carefully settle its Unions members. Help them to relocate jobs or with reasonable compensation. Clear of all debts and restart from zero. Maintaining the brand and wait for the right time to expand again. Be it into low cost air lines segment or highly luxurious market segment. MAS just need to be paused for a moment. Don’t listen to any new corporate plan or proposal. You need to take a rest before decide again.

If MAS not intend to maintain its listing status. Give a reasonable exit plan for minority share holder. Keep OPEX low and wait for the right chance again. Sometimes the best strategy is to do nothing and wait. But I still have a strong believe in the branding of MAS.

My heart is with the victims of MH17.

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