Is Europe fear for real?

Case after case reported problems in Europe economy.  Market reacted sensitively to initial tumbled then recovered.  Reports shown China and US are leading the grow.  Asean is also delivering splendid results.   Is Europe fear over stated? Fears of ECB has no tools to react further. Thousands of huge short positions in Dow Jones and globally.   Will the dooms day eventually arrived badly?

Our bet is no with cautiously optimistic  about the markets.   We believe the world markets reacted too volatile due to too many influential speculating funds from both side.  Europe is no longer a significant market in the world.    We have reserve that Europe economy is going to worsen.   If it is going to be worsen, we still believe the current growth in US, China and Asean may cushion the impact.  Eventually driving it’s consumption back to positive growth rate.

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