USD is getting unreasonably strong against Asean currencies

Locally we just cover RM as we know USD is up too much against Asean and emerging market currencies.   Again I strongly believe it is speculative in nature.  I think the current economy situation in US compare to Malaysia may not have a big different a year to two ago. 

Yes I do agree RM affected by political uncertainty and 1MDB debt issue.  But looking at Malaysia strength of economy, asset, stock market valuation, governmental reserve and savings.  The fair value of RM should be at least above RM 3.30 vs USD 1.0.

We do not expect the same crash like 1997 but we continue advise anyone to reduce their loan ratio, invest in asset related entity and also food industries.  Perhaps even further on green industry.

We shifted back some HKD and SGD dividend from overseas and bought into Kawan.  We will continue to do so and above 2.90 RM vs AUD will stop us from routine purchases.

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