Is time to buy in property developer?

Entire Asia fighting rapid increase in property prices in the last few years has caused the market clam down.  Indeed, plentiful of property developing related counters’ stock prices are subdued.  From locally Malaysia to even China, prices of property developer PE dropped to as low as 5 to 8 times.  

I personally feel this is a good sign as developers in history mostly could not read the market well.  They keep building as long as in business angle they can make money but forget the overall supply and demand rule.  We may have a few outstanding companies can withstand in any situations.  Governmental measures are recommended to control the overall platform of the industry.

We believe there are values in the market.  We will start looking around for quality companies as an early entrance back to this segment.  Interest rates increase worldwide is already priced in in short term.  Asset related investment will still a good choice for wealthy investor to leverage their portfolio.

3 thoughts on “Is time to buy in property developer?

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  1. if you think it is time to buy in property stocks, I would recommend you to have a look in Gob, and CHHB.

  2. Forgive me my previous wrong recommendation of CHHB, indeed it is a lousy management company. But for GOB, I still think it is the most potential developer company you worth to look into it, because of its strategy landbank and its existing projects will contribute tremendous soon.

    1. Thank you ironman for your sharing. On paper at the moment GOB (Ex-Equine) is definitely worth to take a look. We will start monitor it!!

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