We reinterate our view on 1MDB – The board and the management must be accountable for the mess.

No matter you are supporting government or opposition on this matter. The board and the management must accountable for issues that universally viewed as mess.

1. Cash flow problem

2. Debt ratio and risk

3. Unsustainable high interest loan

4. Overpaid for financial services

5. Unusual cash transfer internationally prompted investigation

6. Confusing approval or decision making process

The management, the board, the chairman and to certain extend even the Finance ministry must accountable for their failure of roles.  Even the most basic function of monitoring process is also in a mess.  

It is very basic things and I cannot understand why there are still many people defending 1MDB problems.  You can just try to become a CEO and bring a company towards this situation.  With even cash flow problem will earn you a letter to sack you.  A complete nonsense of the century but all executives involved still earn thousands and millions of remuneration.  

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