Yes there is a risk as US never stop intervening other countries affairs which most proven wrong

Since US established, they have not stopped intervening other countries affairs like Russia, Cuba, Middle East, China, Asia and so on.  So far proven many problems US solved also created by US.  Perhaps the major economy steroid for any country is to have war. When you create war, you got huge production orders from internal and external. 

Perhaps also given them a so call fair trade negotiation when US still got most nuclear war head pointing to its different ideology counter part.  When a country that owe most debt in the world.  It’s currency still able to be one of the strongest.

I am an advocate of peace. However, if this is the continuous movement by US as it’s foreign and economic policy.  I think very soon people will imitate and one day it is not going to do good for human being.

I am still waiting when will justice be served when they invaded Iraq with the excuse of risk on mass destruction  weapon.  However, nothing found till date.

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