How to reduce cost of living in Malaysia? 

Reduce interest, reduce tariff, increase spending, easy loan for first time house buyer, reduce car tax, increase minimum income & etc. All mentioned are not structural approaches when the basic income driven mechanism is knowledge and skills. Cost is forever trending high due to universal rule of inflation. Increase main stream income is the only solution.

When above 60% household income below RM 6,000 per month. Merely 2 millions tax payers with income more than RM 3,500 for 30 millions population. The main street low income structure is obvious.

The key is education our ministers and politicians.  Structural change of mid to long term fiscal spending on education and R&D. Excluding privates schools and colleges.  Why we need another tallest tower when we can also increase spending in education? Doesn’t spending in building quality education as compararive to infrastructure spending?  We need massive educational related fiscal spending as catch up.

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