2017 will be a better year across

When so many people is forecasting a downfall again. We believe the cycle of the economy may start to recover in 2017.  However, we are not expecting a sharp U turn but a gradual recovery. 

US rate hike is inevitable but we do not forsee a strong reverse as well. Flat rate or negative rate are giving negative impact for the world economy. But whatever done cannot be undone.  A mild increase in US may also stop other countries in further devalue their currencies. (If you follow our stories all the years).

We see US, China, India and ASEAN will fuel the growth but not Europe.  Japan abenomics is still a question. But we believe the growth overall will recover.

Together with the return of stable oil price between USD 50 to 60 or even higher. Crude oil Economy will also rebound with gradually as well.

We are optimistic the cycle of downturn may have bottomed.  But the recovery may take a very long time and bumpy.  The ultimate crash of the whole world may not be in this round but can be still a strong possibility years ahead.

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