Neymar £200 million moved to PSG and Bitcoins hit USD 4000 – a disastrous post QEs effect.

Neymar moved to PSG created world record transfer fee. In fact not just Neymar but overall all players registered ultra high transfer fee since 2010.

Bitcoins hit USD 4000 where certainly a bubble to me whatever reason you are going to justify it. But cant be short as i really don’t know how much it can goes up before fall back.

Property price for all major cities continue to climb with low yield justification. Even smart phone prices are going up every year.

Money becomes smaller and yield becomes lower. However, capital gain continue being inflated and inflating. World major central banks will start to raise rates. Then follow by lack luster economy and easing will come again.

Dow Jones creating new high. Coporate earning become better. In fact it is not business is getting better but money become smaller. A developer used to sell 10 house for certain revenue. However, now they just need to sell 5 to have a better number.

A major disaster will come to rectify this situation. But when? I dont know perhaps still years to come. But we will be careful to invest perhaps more into bluechips that can be benefited continuously from this inflation.

We will stay invest in bluechips and growth stocks. Cutting off speculative investment. Buying commodities or if there is any good yield property.

Perhaps, start to build up readiness to short the market. I hope i will be able to detect the signal early. But as of now, stay invested but reduce risk by switching most funds to bluechips and stable high growth company.

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