The final month – positioning towards 2018

As for the final month of 2017, we will continue position our strategy to be stayed invested but bracing for a potential market correction.

We will continue to selling off stocks with losses in consecutive quarters of negative result. Also unloading those that does not embrace dividend policy. Most important if the company does not have a competitive edge towards digital and automation economy in coming years.

We think the market in 2018 can be a better year but political, structure of world economy and climate may stun the market.

We also think of ASEAN is the engine of growth in the coming years where lot of activities are focused into Asia particularly ASEAN.

Highlight about our strategies in 2018 portfolio management:

1. Stay invested

2. Stocks with consistent profit and prospective future

3. Dividend yield

4. Reduce debt ratio

5. Increase gradually income trust

6. Increase exposure in ASEAN particularly Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam

7. Increase gradually contingency fund in Gold

8. Factoring digital economy and automation impacts

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