Will Start-up game eventually ended?

Disruptive technology has become a proverb lately. From Snapchat to Uber to regionally Grab car. The corporate game getting larger and thousands of startup following the path. Perhaps until too big to fail then everyone need to keep supporting the model.

Good will model are in social media, games and even busij3ss application. But eventually how does this model will be monetized and carry actual return is questionable.

There is one interview by CNBC on Qatar investment arm. (Unnamed) That eventually I aware Softbank, Uber and even Tencent are part of the their investment target. That made me easy to understand why tones of money are burning into this model and does it really guarantee a return?

Perhaps it is just everyone doing the same thing for a great short term money. I am not totally disagree as there are model like Facebook did really well. However when overall supply flooded the market. Perhaps very questionable eventually will this become an end or perhaps it switch to another race to make big money.

Let’s get to Moon and Mars!!

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