A much quiet Chinese New Year as the rich get richer

Just my personal theory. All majors countries including Malaysia declared strong GDP. However, retail and consumer sales are not in the same growth. Main street has no money!

Why? Imagine Industrial automation when machine replace some tasks. The share holder of the automated company profited. The company who produces the robotics arm profited. Even there are jobs for some but inflation due to QEs already impacted the world economy. You feel nothing even extra.

The recent announced top 40 richest in Malaysia. Mostly wealth increased even in a slow year of 2017. But due to GDP and infrastructure investment. Many benefited and balance sheet for companies and GDP looks good. How about main street?

Landscape of the economy like ecommerce, cloud service and payment gateway. Technology also speed up the process of reducing middle-class and provoke shift of wealth between countries.

Conclusion, you got to out smart and work harder in order to be out of the system. If not, your income improve but cost of your new lifestyle and inflation also increase. Your own balance sheet will continue to be nothing. Alternatively, you got to move to a socialism country and live from now for a better life.


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