Why i have bought a lot of MBSB?

I am not Warren Buffett nor Jim Roger. But I have been trading KLSE since 1992. I have some good returns more than 1000% in some good years. But due to risk control for myself. I never bought anything with huge focus.

As for MBSB, the number one thing Iike is it’s management. Follow up EPF holdings of close to 70%. If you rewind back it’s development. MBSB started falling from high when she started to position becomes bank. Many round of unsuccessful mergers cost them a lot. How many times you will dare to buy 25% of your asset in one counter? For last 20 over years. I think this is one of The most safest bet.

To earn RM 2 billions a year from 800 Mil after the merging is not difficult at all. If based on a 10 times PE the price will be close to RM 3. While waiting, it’s dividend plan will be still good if your current entrance price at below RM 1.30. Go for it and it is not too often you have something dummy 123 can safely to invest.

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