We started investing in start-up companies

Since 2019, we started to expand our investment strategy into start-up to improve return. We have a good invested target Buildxact from Melbourne. https://www.buildxact.com.au/. We likes their focus and aggressiveness. At the same time solving some specific problems in their industry. It simply a perfect platform for small builders. Market targeted is in Australia, Canada, UK and US.

By around December 2020 last year, we also invested into another start-up called L28 that uses blockchain technology to sell beef into its first targeted market China. https://www.latitude28produce.com/. We believe the market is very potential as demand of agriculture like genuine beef is highly needed in China.

In 2020, beside of investing into new start-up. We will also explore the potential to start up new business in 2020 given opportunity arises. Expanding our reach into different portfolio.

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