We reviewed our stock pick strategy in 2011 with some additons

We have our strategies defined in 2011 https://joepoh35.com/2011/08/25/5-ways-to-select-a-good-value-stock/

However, we found that it is imperative to add on 3 more values on top of our top 5:

* Catalyst in coming 6 to 12 months (will be priority)
* Holding time depending on yearly review.
* Cut losses and switched to new picks if wrong


1. Company Business (Does it got a brand? Are they competitive? Their industrial outlook – Growth)

2. 1-3 Years Earnings per Share (EPS) / PE Ratio (Preferable below 10, if higher, you need to justify to yourself)

3. Governance / Management (You may likely not to know, but put at least surface analysis whether do they have a system)

4. Dividend Yield (It is preferred to beat current interest rate to ensure that you will continue improve investment cash flow)

5. NTAV (Understand its current asset values)

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